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It was my intention to help somebody.

Break it down and drop rounds in the chamber....if they don't drop in completely then your (cleaned) chamber may be tight. A tight chamber restricts extraction and causes ejection issues of an already hot (expanded) casing.

It really is an easy fix and not that scary as it costs little more than your time.

Just imagine a casing w/ about 2/3 fill of JB weld....a taped rod dropped down the bore with a little roughing on the tip to be inserted into the casing. Push the casing up into the rod and the (clean) casing pushed up into the chamber. Have a few pieces of tape handy to insure that the casing stays in place while the JB set up. Find the abrasive of your choice (Comet cleanser, rubbing compound, toothpaste, semichrome polish, use your imagination) The next day grind, clean, check, grind, clean, check, grind, clean, check until you feel that the rounds drop in unobstructed.

A few of mine didn't drop in that last 1/16 of an inch....the bullet is wider than the casing....and you've only honed the depth of the worries the bullet will be gone at the time of extraction.

I went shooting today and had A LOT of old favorite the Federal bulk fell significantly in comparison to the Blazer that my gun hated in the past.

If you have a tight chamber and are intimidated by the to Idyllwild....I'll walk you through it.

Luck to all,

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