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Originally Posted by I have a gub View Post
My 795 was picky about ammo (didn’t like Blazer or Winchester White Box at all) the Federal was the rifles preferred ammo. So I set out on a mission to get the rifle to shoot everything…..I tried a lot of stuff like extractors, ejectors, and springs and on and on.

Then my neighbor came home w/ a 795 that shoots Blazer happily and finally I had something to compare to. One day at the range I noticed that my gun wasn’t chambering rounds well, so I stripped it down and scrubbed the chamber clean clean clean. Then with the muzzle down I proceeded to drop a round at a time into the chamber and one out of about every 15 didn’t chamber completely. Dropped the problem rounds into my friends chamber and they all went in completely.

I started looking around at the cost of chamber hones and they cost as much as I paid for the gun. A gunsmith gave me a tip:
Grab a spent cartridge and JB weld it to the end of a welding rod…..put an abrasive compound (I had valve lapping compound) but even whitening toothpaste would do. And spin it in the chamber from the muzzle end with a drill motor. I taped the rod w/ electrical tape to protect to rifling.

Grind clean check, grind clean check, grind clean check…..when the problem rounds drop into the chamber take it to the range and prove it up. I’m happy to announce that my little 795 now shoots EVERYTHING (even loves the Fed and the WWB) without a failure to extract or eject….just clean fun shooting.

Those of you with constant ejection problems check your chamber….it isn’t addressed here much but it worked wonders for me.

My 795 is of the MM series.

Good luck all,

I have a gub.
Thanks for the tip! I have two 795's that I use for Appleseed and this weekend was their first real test. One of them worked fine with Federal bulk but did have a few first-round feeding problems on the second day. The other had fairly consistent ejection problems - the spent brass would spin around inside the rifle after being extracted and would be smashed against the back of the chamber by the bolt going forward. Sometimes it was 180 degrees by the time the bolt came to rest. I saw another 795 owner on another forum that had the same issue. Does this match the problem you had that was fixed by boring out the chamber slightly?
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