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I wanted to take a minute to say Hello and Greetings to all the newer members joining CalGuns! Heres a quick few pointers for all you new guys!

*Theres tons and tons of great information floating around here, so dont be afraid to put it to use!
*The members here are some of the best informed in regards to california gun laws around!
*I hope you all take the time to learn more, dont be afraid to ask questions if you can find your answer after using the "Search" button. Its located in the lower dark blue bar near the top of the page. Alot of your basic questions can be answered right thru that!
*If you cant find the answer, then remember the golden rule, theres no such thing as a dumb question with us! If we dont know the answer, I promise you, we can direct you to where you can find out the answer!
*Take time to get to know the folks around here, we are just like any other disfunctional family, we have the whole spectrum, and we do everything that a family does. We laugh, we talk, we discuss, we argue, we get mad, we stomp our feet and throw tantrums, and yet no matter what, we are still pretty much a family after the smoke clears. I attribute some of my best friends to having met them here on Calguns. For the most part, we are all pretty much approachable, so "dunt be skuured!"
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I am naked except for seatless white chaps, a boonie hat and a tactical vest playing HALO.
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I don't like getting my butt kicked, but I would like to have it spanked by some big hairy guys!
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I wouldn't put "mounting a weasel" past too many people on this forum.
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Going after the NFA soon is like asking the girl you just met in the bar if she's into anal sex...
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