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Originally Posted by Bert Gamble View Post
I decided to give it a try, and found it to be quite easy. Actually, if a person can't pass the shooting portion, they probably shouldn't even own a gun.
Yea, I agree with that, but then about 95% of the CCW permits would have to be pulled. In San Bernardino the qualification used to be 5 rounds on a B27 target at 5 yards ANYWHERE IN THE BLACK from a hold on target start... And some people took several tries. Just taking a CCW qualification doesn't mean you know how to shoot at all. CCW class does not usually give you the fuandamentals of shooting: stance, grip, sight picture and trigger control, let alone how to shoot quickly and accurately from concealment while moving. and I know from renewal class these people haven't practiced since they got their permit. My idea would be the IDPA classifier scoring at least sharpshooter.
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