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Don't let this eat you up. My wife went through the same thing anxiety on this that and the other. What if I fail what if all the guys do well and they make fun of me etc. She went to the range out shot two police officers and all but one other student in the class you guessed it another female.

The gun you have chosen is difficult to take to the range and enjoy practicing. I don't care who you are. Having said that There is a product called extend a grip by Hogue that allows you to put another finger on the grip and makes the gun easier to shoot. This is what I put on the gun for the wife and it improved her range score by 15 points.

Shoot your game not any body elses. Pay attention to safety and where you point the muzzle of the gun even while reloading. Practice this at home over and over. I like snap caps because it allows you to load and unload the little revolver.

Control your breath and take aim carefully practice increasing pressure on the trigger until you can feel that point of pull over where the firing starts. Once you have these techniques you will be hard to beat.

Good luck and hold your head up and shoot well. Let us know how bad you beat the Boys.

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