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Originally Posted by Golden ballistics View Post

a section for people who use the search button and one for those who don't
That is great if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Say you are looking for a hunting rifle, but are flexible which one, what do you search for?

You could search once for each possible make and model of rifle, and sift through pages and pages of posts, or search by every possible caliber, and hope you stumbled across something, but odds are it is going to take a long time to find something you may be interested in, particularly if the seller does a piss-poor job on the thread title, which is pretty common.

It is nearly impossible to find something by browsing the private sales forum.

Right now, the front page covers about an hour, and to look at the past 24 hours, you need to go back 13 pages.

It should be broken up into groups:

semi-auto rifles
bolt action and other rifles

The problem then would be an admin would need to sort through the existing forum and move stuff to where it would belong, which I admit would be a nightmare. If it was me, I would just lock the existing forums and have everyone start fresh.

I also think that there should be a requirement to put your county in the subject of your thread, that would make the often requested norcal/socal forums unnecessary.
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