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Originally Posted by Baconator View Post
I have t-mobile. My wife and I are on the "value plan." Less than $90 a month for two phones, 2 gb of data each (it's unlimited but throttled at 2gb), unlimited text, and like 1,000 minutes of talk I think.

I get great service everywhere I have been, so I am pretty happy. I have a GNex.
Sounds like what we have, but we have unlimited minutes, plus we have the kids with $10/mo. 500 minute dumb-phones. T-Mobile works well enough, but not as good as AT&T or VZN. However, I have wifi at home, work, church, so I really don't have to use T-Mobiles data services that much (like 100-200mb/mo).

I'm happy enough that I'm not looking to switch when our contract is up in a year.
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