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Originally Posted by XDJYo View Post
Very little space for anything at Reeds. Very narrow lanes. Even though the range is open and visible, none of the RO's enforce any sort of rules. I saw about 4 or 5 young adults all gabbing and laughing and taking cell phone pics, like it was just another day in front of the HS locker. None were paying any attention to what was happening, let alone that they were messing with loaded guns. Fortunately, they packed up and left before we were ready to go in. Not even a watchful eye from the RO. It was NOT busy and there were plenty of employees to cover the counter and watch the range. The range should be priority number one. Not new rentals or sales. People won't die if they have to wait an extra five minutes for service.

Reeds on the other hand always seem to rotate one person to go in and or watch from behind the glass. Especially if there are newbies or if its crowded.
I think you meant to type Target Masters?
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