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IMO plated bullets offer less protection then the often miss-called "bare lead" wax coated bullets.

The plating or wash is very thin and IMO mostly for looks. Where wax, talo coated bullets offer a thicker layer of protection.

I have never had this issue myself, all I run is CCI Blazer 525 Value paks.

I do remember someone else posting a photo like this is the 1st 795 thread. Might want to go thru it and look (lots of pages to sort thru)

I would would check the barrel for bulges on the outside.
It's possible that you had a squib and then dislodged it with the next bullet but in doing so bulged the barrel, giving the lead a place to attach.
The above is not legal advice. It is just something you read from some dude on the internet. It does not reflect the opinion of If it seems rude it was probably meant to read sarcastically.

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