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It would also help if the most referenced, most remembered AR/AK informational section on the website were actually updated.

The whole front page of the website could be a LOT more user-friendly & splashy - I think that would make a much larger impact than anything we could do in print.

We have so many disparate resources, would be nice to pool them and the talent to make something definitive, glossy and of high quality on the site.

Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
The more I think about this the less important it becomes.

Calguns and any related organization may have need of published docs from time to time. But paper news is stale esp with print/distribution lead times.

We want people joining the website for late-breaking news.

If you want free paperwork with outdated info, there are other local gun orgs for that.

It may be best for Calguns to have bulk biz cards printed up with Calguns website URL/logo and NRA / Calif NRA contact info as well, and maybe a coupla of the gun lawyers' contact #s on back of it. A stack of these cards would be in every gun shop, shooting range or gun-friendly business.

A larger printed sign promoting Calguns could also be posted on bulletin board areas or frequent-traffic areas of such businesses.
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