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Hello everyone and thank you for all who are contributing to this thread. I would like to go out to some BLM land and do some target shooting as I have a Youtube project. The few videos I have are tutorial/instructional regarding the AR15 platform (shooting at Angeles Shooting Ranges in Sylmar, CA) and I would like to change things up by doing a more fun, dyanamic shooting video.

I am in the process of purchasing 4 AR500 steel targets and stands from a vendor on Calguns and this is what I would utilize and you guys are free to use my targets and maybe you guys can also bring your ownto add more variety.

I am a responsible person, all my guns are legally owned, I'm a home owner and I have a 10 month-old baby boy. Just telling you guys these things to show that I'm not some reckless douche. I would bring my AR15 in 5.56,XD40 and Mossberg 500 (but I will only shoot birdshot). I have about 1600 rounds of ammo at home but will probably only fire about 100 rounds of 5.56 to conserve.

I would like to do the video soon before it starts getting too hot and before fire hazard season. Would anyone be willing to accompany me and join me?

P.S. You can see the few Youtube videos I have up by going here:

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