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Originally Posted by Steve_In_29 View Post
So the whole "grandfathering of already owned high-cap mags" didn't happen when the Ban went into affect and we have always been able to keep buying new production ones and use them openly on the range?
I don't get why this is so difficult to understand. Possession of large capacity magazines is not illegal per the CA penal code. There is no requirement in the CA penal code to have possessed the magazines before a certain date, or to only have magazines or components for those magazines manufactured before a certain date. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PRE OR POST BAN MAGAZINE IN CA. Other states like NY have had laws on the books at one point or another requiring nonsense like datestamps and pre-ban components, CA does not have any requirements like that.

Got a link?
A link for what?

It can be a factor, if the newly "repaired" magazine consistes soley of BX25 repair parts.
So make sure you can swap one of the parts between the bx-25 and whatever else it was, problem solved.

So... if you have to destroy the mag to repair it then are you really repairing it or simply replacing it with a newly assembled high capacity banned magazine.
If you need to the repair the magazine then it was probably already busted in the first place, it doesn't matter if you need to break the glue apart. I can take a USGI 30 round magazine and run it over with my car, then rebuild it. There is no language in the CA penal code that requires all of the parts to be intact to be able to repair it. Same thing would apply to any other magazine.

edit: Have you actually read the PC regarding magazines here in CA? If not I suggest you go do it, then follow the law as worded.

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