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Originally Posted by orthopod View Post
This is no longer the case. I went 3 weeks ago and a new shooter with a rented gun was shooting the wooden ceiling support beams on purpose until one splintered off and hit me 3 lanes over slicing my cheek open. Range officers didn't do a thing about it nor did they seem to care. I went over and let the new shooter what I thought of what he was doing but didn't get too into it as he was holding a gun after all. Reeds has gone down the drain, gun counter service is terrible, and poor range safety. Stick to outdoor ranges if you are serious about shooting.
This is the exception, not the rule. They can't babysit everyone, and not ALL the ninnies go to TM as we all might hope.

I hear TM raised their range fees, too. If they brought them in line with Reeds, then the driving force for the ninnies to stay at TM will be less. In other words, assuming that's true, expect more ninnies at Reeds as time goes by.

The staff can only do so much before being overwhelmed.
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