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Originally Posted by 07Negative View Post
Thanks for the info Izzy. I was reading on the Weaver stuff today. Seems like the products get a ton of love. I'm not shy to spend money as long as it's justifiable.
I have the military trainer model. I'm not super knowledgeable about all the different configurations. But it seems so far this model wasn't really made for scoping. Which is fine. So far Census say to do a trigger job. But I've even yet to shoot it. And I've got to read up on that. Learn the differences of the YoDave kit to the all the nuances of the more expensive kits.
I put the YoDave trigger kit in my CZ. Its almost a "must have". Eliminates all the creep (if there is any) and allows you to adjust the pull weight to your liking. It is a set of bushings (for creep) and set of springs (for pull weight) and is very easy to install. The trainers are great rifles and as you said not really the greatest for scoping although many do with good success. With the "hogback" stock it is set up for iron sight shooting and does very well with the stock sights. For an upgrade for the iron sights you cannot go wrong with the BRNO Target Aperture Sights. I have those on my Ultralux and I can shoot as well with them as any scoped rifle out to 75yds. If you get interested in that upgrade shoot me (pun inteneded) a PM and I'll get you the info on where to get them.

Here's a picture of my UL with the BRNO sights and a Boyds Thumbhole Varmint stock.

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