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Originally Posted by Chaos47 View Post
Very cool rifles!
Thanks for posting the photos.
The graphics kits look very professional.

What did she make the riser out of? Kind of looks like pipe insulation but looks thick.
Some people make improvised risers out of those foam pool "noodles"
Yep, it's pipe insulation. Once she got tired of working on it, she ripped it off and said "After thinking about it a while, I like your adjustable riser idea better." Lol.

The Mossy Oak graphics kits are awesome, we don't buy the gun kit, we get the 6"x10' tapes for the same price, it's the same thing as the gun kits, but not pre-cut, and you end up with enough to do more than one gun. With my first roll I got a Marlin 336 .35rem, a Colt 1911, a had enough left over to do the barrell and upper, the scope, one side of the stock and the bipod legs for this rifle. For the other half of the stock I had already ordered another roll, so I easily have enough left over from the second roll to do a full sized Mossberg 500 12g.
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