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Default I just put a CZ452 in jail

As of yesterday at 1:03pm. I put a CZ452 in jail and I don't think I could be any more excited. After getting rid of that complete POS 10/22. I figured I'd spend twice as much and get a better .22.
I want to get my g/f into shooting. She wasn't having it with any of my .40's or 380. I also wanted a rifle that I can could hand down to the kid when she's of age (she's only 18 months).
A few questions. And please chime in if you have one of these rifles. I'm going to leave it stock and shoot it that way for a bit. You know, get acclimated to each other. I would like to throw a scope on it at some point. Any opinions on scopes? I'm not shy to spend $200 if it's pretty much worth it. I'll use it for paper shooting, rabbit, stray cats that crap in my garden, moles, etc.
What lead to this purchase is I have next to zero experience with rifles as an adult (32yr old). I figured it's a inexpensive shoe in. Pistols are starting to get boring. Everything i read and every person I've talked to have stated that it's the best outa the box shooting .22 with very little mods needed.
If this rifle is to be modified to be "better" what am I looking at? I didn't get the 455 b/c apparently it's been cheaped out on. plastic where metal should be. Cheap trigger guard. and the creep in the trigger seems a bit much.
Please bless me with your knowledge and experiences. Thanks much.
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