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Well little kevvy here's how it goes:
After I read your original post, I clicked on your name and selected "find all posts" this lead me to the post about holster repair. I then selected that threads URL, copied it and hot linked it in my original reply that said in short "This one?"

Now I have, in the past, been accused of being a bit brief, almost Coolidge-esque, and I can understand your confusion at my brevity. What I was trying to ask you in my own convoluted way was this "Is this the post that you are referring to, that you can't seem to find when you search for it." I just wanted to clarify that this was indeed the post in question.

So anyway here's the oh so simple search solution. I went to the calguns home page, found the search thing, typed in "holster repair" and your thread was at the top of the search results! And by the way, you are correct the search here is a bit wonky but I think it's actually been improved since the early days. As for your snarky little reply all I can say is whatever dude.
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