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Originally Posted by TrapperP2005 View Post
are you sure your info isnt backwards? my interview was on the 26th and they told me they didnt need the 3 reference letters, that the 4 people they contact by mail were the important ones. if that were the case, they wouldnt have anyone to get ahold of regarding my application. please let me know, want to make sure the process isnt delayed more than it has to be.

i guess it could be backwards but only if the interviewer misunderstood my question. He looked over my 3 ref. letters and just glanced at the 4 on the app. at the end of the interview he asked if i had any questions. i asked, " how long until the people listed on the app recieve their letters, I want to give them an idea?" His repy was "as of two weeks ago, we no longer do that". I have 3 ref letters and 4 refs listed on my app as that was the instructions at the time. But i do believe the ref letters had phone # and address requirements.
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