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Originally Posted by Socaliente View Post
I just completed my first Bug Out / Get Home Bag. My plan is to get to my parents house in Nuevo. I work 25 miles from there (Driving) and my home is 2miles (walking) /13miles (driving). I feel I can last at least 3 days with my pack. I work LE, so if im working I also have a Rem. 870 and M&P.45 with extra ammo. I always carry my Bodyguard .380 on my person.

The combined weight of the Pack, The Sleeping bag, and the Ruger bag is 28.3 Lbs. Without the Ruger bag its at 19.6 lbs. I could add more onto the outside of the pack, but I feel the current weight is the limit where I can still be quick on my feet.

The pack itself is a 3 day bag I picked up at the gun show.

1 Compact Sleeping bag
1 Whistle/Compass/Temp Gauge
1 S&W Extreme Ops Knife
1 Multi Tool
Matches in Pill Bottle
Kindling in Pillo Bottle
1 Small 10 x 25 Binos
1 Small Etool
1 Mini LED Flash Light
1 LED Headlamp
2 Chemlights
1 30ft Roll of Duct Tape
3 Powerbars
3 Beef Jerkys
2 Small Packs Powdered Gatorade
1 Pair Work Gloves
1 Poncho DCU
1 DCU Top
1 Tan Cargo Pants
1 DCU Boonie Hat
1 Pair Socks
Zip Ties
100ft Roll Paracord 550
1 Small Crank Flashlight/Radio
1 Mosquito Headnet
1 Sharpie
2 Bottles of Water

Medical Supplies:
Alcohol Wipes
1 Roll Medical Tape
1 Roll Athletic Tape
1 Roll Coban
1 Roll Kerlix
1 Roll Gauze
1 Roll Elastic Bandage
1 Emergency Blanket
Assorted Bandaids/ Gauze pads
10 Latex Gloves
1 Bottle Kelp Tablets
1 Snake Bite Kit
2 Handwarmers
Water purification tablets
Liquid Bandage
Neosporin Spray
Nerosporin Ointment
1 Medical Scissors
Life Straw
2 Small Trash Bags
1 Large Trash Bag
1 Combat Tourniquet

Ruger 10/22 TakeDown Bag
1 Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle (w/ lock)
5 10/22 Magazines
100 rds .22lr
2 Bodyguard .380 Magazines
50rds .380

add 1 more pair of socks.
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