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My GHB are actually a part of my BOB that I throw into it if a possible bug out scenario happens.
Also, I've integrated my GHB as my hiking pack.
Contents are as follows:

-I use an Adventure Medical Kit 1.0(various bandages, gauss, etc) as the base of the kit and store all these inside
-super glue
-emergency blanket
-bic lighter
-water proof matches
-lip balm
-Folding knife
-water purification tablets
-folding eating utensils
-P38 can opener
-paracord bracelet
-knife sharpener
-1 cliff bar

In addition I have a multi tool, EDC pocket knife, flashlight, and 32oz nalgene water bottle.

I keep all of these either in my backpack or my car. I work about 15 miles away from home, but have carried all of this on regular 10 mile hikes with no problem. I always carry a days worth of water with me (why i got the 32 oz water bottle). I can't imagine a 15 mile get home hike will last any more than a day so I pack to prepare and prevent injury, and sustain for a day (2 days and toughing it out) to cover 15 miles.
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