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Originally Posted by Arthur84 View Post

So warning shots are illegal?(sarcasm here). Isn't it true that it the VP of the united states says I should do it, that it must be legal? why do they care if I have a shotgun, but not an ar 15? Why, why, can't the leave us law abiding gun owners alone, and focus on the real problems? If they put as much effort into our budget problem as they do on anti gun laws, we may not be in as much fiscal crap.
I'll summarize what I told a buddy on facebook today about the whole gun law bull coming up.

UN wants 1984.

That simple.

Civilian disarmament is key to that agenda working. They want to be an international organization that rules all nations in a socialist campfire singing Kumbaya. Law abiding persons that aren't insane but heavily armed puts a damper on that.

If the criminals are armed, it doesn't matter. We'll snuggle further into Uncle Sam's arms, crying for security.

Didn't you notice that all of the laws they're pushing are calling out not disarming the criminals, not taking guns from prohibited persons, but instead "removing guns from circulation"? They don't want more being sold or bought. They don't want them handed down to future generations. They want the lawfully owned gun phased out.

Then when the bad guys and the government are the only ones armed, we'll curl up in little balls, cry for Uncle Sam to come get the big evil baddies, and they'll do a few arrests here and there, to get people thinking they're doing something... but they really aren't.

Go look at most dictatorships. They claim everything's all hunky dory, but if you look closer you see poverty everywhere. High crime, high unemployment, high poverty, high drug use. The government eats well, entertains well, does whatever they damn well please at the expense of the rest of the nation being "equal". "Equally" impoverished and oppressed.

We've liberated enough of these nations over the years, you'd think our own population would be intelligent enough to see that this is where we're headed too, but nooooo....
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