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Time to make sure the safe is harder to get to and out.......Probably a good idea also to relocated ur ammo cans to somewhere else now....preferrably not at ur house. There's a very good chance that ur place is targeted now. Scumbags these days love getting mover's jobs, cuz they can scout out potential houses for goodies. If ur not preparing and actually believe some of these guys here that nothings gonna happen, u must be almost as stoopid as the morons that believes the gooberment especially kommifornia will never come for ur guns. Make sure the wife gets an EARFULL of sh**.....Most women is Stoopid beyond anything. They don't understand that "my husbands safe and ammo cans are out in the open in the garage", and that "I think its okay, nobody will notice it"........................But ooooooohhhhh, wait a minute....If it was her sh** and had value to it, she'll be very cautious..........I know, we know, most wives/gf's are friggin stooooopid..
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10mm. Because .45ACP just doesn't cut it anymore. <Trailerparktrash>

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