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I've owned 3 premier's. All had to go back for either turret or parallax issues, or both. I sold 2 and still have 1. It just came back from getting fixed a 2 weeks ago.

They are great scopes, if they stay working. Which sadly, I've not experienced that they do very long. There are 8 premier's in the group I shoot with. Of them 6 have made return trips to the factory. At $3000, this is disappointing. I only have about 400rnds through it since my latest 5-25 returned, so I can't say if it will hold up or not. Time will tell.
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I could care less about the Premier argument but seems like you have changed a bit.


I dig this one too lol

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If you talk to people that put thousands of rounds per year down range, you'll start to learn what really works, and what doesn't. Thus far, I've heard of more premier's going down than I care to remember.

Most people don't use their scopes nearly enough to make an informed statement on quality. Combine that with many forums censoring bad statements about products, and it can be very hard to get real information before spending $3,000.

Once the hensoldt 3-26 ships, premier will be a distant memory for me.
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