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Exclamation UPDATE

Confirmation PMs sent to new interested parties. If you have expressed interest here or in PM (not including those that said "If there is a build party, I would be interested", or similar) and did not receive a confirmation PM, let me know.

Here's where we stand:
  • 88 members have expressed interest since the start of this proposed GB last year, for a total of between 124 and 145 frames.
  • Of those 88 members, so far only 36 have responded to the confirmation PM, with an equal number (18) opting in & out, for a current total of only 36 frames.
  • Most of the opt-outs have been folks that originally said they would want 1-2 frames.
  • Some of the opt-ins have increased their commitment by 1 or more frames in the interest of helping us reach our minimum.
  • At this point, if every unconfirmed "interested" member opts in & confirms for the number of frames they said they would buy, we will have between 102 and 119 frames.

Soon I will send a nag confirmation request to those that have not responded. But if folks don't answer with an opt-in, or a whole bunch of new folks that are really serious about making this GB happen don't sign on, we're not going to make it. Sorry but that's the reality of it. I've spent a good deal of effort trying to get this thing rolling and don't have much bandwidth to beat the drum all over several forums and keep track of all the folks that say they want in only to disappear or bail out when the time comes to actually make the deal. I know that the very long time frame of this GB hasn't helped at all in that respect, but it is what it is.
Regarding timelines, the opt-in deadline has been extended to March 17th, with the payment deadline also pushed to March 31st, with the latter date only enforced if the minimum order has been reached by the former date.
Those of you that have asked about shipping costs of jigs, that is still being worked out. They are large and heavy and shipping from KTO to MRA will probably be a bit high at ~$13/ea, but from MRA to the end user jigs and frames can probably be shipped together for some savings. But none of that matters until we get to at least 100 frames.
Please continue to stand by, and thank you for your patience. I have 3 parts kits of my own that need frames, so I'm at least as interested in making this thing fly as any of you.
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