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I've done a few ppt's and I've concluded that:

1. I always bring two forms of address verification
2. I expect to need a lock whether its a long gun or handgun, I own a safe too
3. I boil down my ppt locations to those that are courteous and helpful
4. I ALWAYS purchase something along with my ppt

I know I didn't answer your question... however it's no skin off my nose to meet any of the requirements. In the grand scheme of things I want them to be as comfortable with the ppt as I am. I'm not there to cite the law or interpret it. It's their license at stake and not mine. I respect the business owner and their rules. At the end of the day I get what I need and everyone is happy.

I appreciate your post... It's a damn shame though when people ***** and complain about buying a $1.00 lock and then getting a .99 refund later. (IIRC)

EDIT: Much respect to a fellow racer / track junkie drive it in deep and hard!
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