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Originally Posted by PolishMike View Post
Not completely true. You can be an awesome shooter and a scope can limit you.

One of the biggest issue with scopes in the "basic" price range, and even some of the 1500-2500 scopes is tracking. Many scopes do not "track" correctly. For example, you can move the elevation up 10 clicks, then windage right 10 clicks. Then you move them both back 10 clicks. Most scopes will NOT be in the same place.

Tracking is extremely important when you get into unknown distance shooting with multiple targets. That is one of the goals of these scopes.

Completely agree. That is what im saying! A scope does not help you shoot better. It will either work or not work. If its not working correctly then a good shooter will still shoot like crap! If its working correctly a OK shooter will still be OK not great.
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