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The first month they try to break you down and get you in the routine.
They put everyone on equal terms and drill accountability as a group. One person screws up several or the whole platoon pays for it. These are lessons than transfer to the battlefield. You screw up, someone else can get killed because of it. Got an itch? Moving a hand to scratch can give away your position and cost lives. The DI's keep you on edge and expect you to perform while distracted, dejected and under pressure.

The second month is the field and weapons training. They ease up because they want you to focus on learning and to perform well.

By the third month, you are so used to the routine and any punishment is seen as just training. You encourage each other and help those that may still be struggling to graduate. Hell we volunteer to drop down on the quarterdeck to encourage the "trainee" not to quit and push harder.

Do your best at everything and expect it not to be good enough. Don't take anything personally and roll with the punches.

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