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speed and intensity.

keywords: eyeballs, ears, zero.

always be loud. very loud. you're goal is to make the DI in your face deaf. learn some knowledge before shipping off.

general orders, history, chain of command.

always be fast. lightning fast.

im sure everyone told you to never volunteer for duties or misc. but do it. the DI's pick potential recruits during the ist on friday before you meet your DI's so try to be at 20pulls, 75+ crunches, and 9min or less 1.5. get that honor grad.


phase1: learning/adjusting to military life. drill, formation, knowledge, etc.
phase2: sitting on bleachers getting cooked while listning to pmi. snapping in. more snapping in. ftx. then qual which goes by fast.
phase3: polishing or pretty much dicking around and seeing what you can get away with. p3 was fun since you watch the p1 recruits fk up and remember yourself at that very place not so long ago

you will hate it while you are there but afterwards, you are going to laugh at all the dumb **** you had to do. just keep in mind that the DI's dont hate you. if anything, they want to make the best of you. if you get your heavy or kill hat constantly giving you ****, it means he likes you.

i got it'd so many times during p1 that they made a mock trophy for my platoon.

p.s. let me know if bum805 is still sharpied in the bathroom at dental, the porta ****ters near edson and 2nd/3rd batt squad bays. boy did i leave my mark doing those random gear guards.
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