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Originally Posted by Bakersfield_Grizzly View Post
I was in Denver during 1997 and we had 3' of snow fall overnight. Shut down the freeways and most roads. I thought I would run down to Safeway and see what was available. The parking lot was full of 4X4's and the shelves were empty. All of that in just a few hours. Don't kid yourself that if something bad happens, that people do not hoard. They understand that if things get worse, you are on your own. Back then, if the power was out, you were on your own for at least a week. People died in their cars because they were stuck in feet of snow just a few miles from town.

That storm taught me to never be unprepared again, and I think this is a great thread that reminds us about getting home and what to have in case the roads are not available. For me, the worst case would be eathquake, bridges out, raining cats and dogs and 100 miles to go.
^This^. My philosophy is it's better to have a everything you might need for 3-4 days and make the decision what if anything to leave behind once you know the nature of your situation than it is to come up short if you're trapped in a car or 100 miles from home. No one has ever died from having too much food or water or survival gear in the car but plenty have died from not having enough when they got stuck. If you find yourself a single day from home you can always take the extra food, batteries, chem-lights etc out of your pack and leave them and the extra water in the car but nothing is going to make water magically appear if you break down on a desert road, or food and warmth if you get stuck or snowed in, or general survival supplies if you're a 3-4 day walk from home due to distance, detours, or disaster related social unrest.

That due diligence is especially important if you have kids. You're not going to cover 50 miles a day with small kids, you might cover 10 if the weather cooperates.
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