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For clarification:

The issue is we are dealing with the state of California.

Even if our internal manufacturing records note that we made "Model XYZ" serial number range 100-500 as stripped AR15 receivers / frames, in most free states you can take a stripped AR15 lower receiver "virgin" that was never actually manufactured / made into a complete rifle with a buttstock, and legally build an AR Pistol with the stripped "virgin" lower receiver.

It does not even have to say PISTOL on the lower receiver. (Please note: some states like California might have similar restrictions, so some members outside of California will need to check their state laws).

Unfortunately in California this is not the case, since we have to deal with the California Approved Handgun Roster.

LEO's are exempt from the California Handgun Roster restrictions, but many of the Group Buy members are not LEO's, so we do not get this exemption.

The only way non LEO's can own an off roster AR Pistol legally here in CA is to have one manufactured complete as a SSE (single shot exempt) pistol, or an individual can take an 80% lower and make one themselves.

We are not manufacturing complete AR Pistols / SSE pistols for this Group Buy, we are manufacturing stripped AR15 lower receivers for this Group Buy.

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