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Originally Posted by kaligaran View Post
There actually is. But I'll let Addax give the details so I don't screw it up.
Any FFL can DROS them as a handgun to a LEO (Roster Exempt, Safety Demo Exempt) so long as they've never been made into a long gun.

Federally they're an "other", not a long gun or a a pistol. Why Addax would be papering them as such is beyond me.

CA DROS effectively requires that they be papered (on the state level) as a long-gun because they aren't on the roster; for a buyer who is roster-exempt and 21+ years old, they can be DROSed as a handgun.

It sounds like Addax isn't willing to do it; but that doesn't stop an intermediate FFL from doing it. Its a shame they're in effect 'tainting' a perfectly good pistol receiver by logging it in their records as a long gun.
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