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Default Simple plate carriers...

Originally Posted by 1snakedoc View Post
which one is the easiest to put on, and how dose it work.
most i have seen you have to undo a lot just to get it on, i show a pic of one that had a way to undo the cummerbund with out having to undo 8'x8' of velcro, it had a buckle, do any of these have something like this?
The absolute easiest to put on and use is the Blackhawk Lo-Vis Plate Carrier (,711,83.htm) or the Blackhawk STRIKE Plate Carrier Harness (,737,83.htm). Both are extremely spartan in nature and do NOT have a cumberbund. You throw them over your head and buckle them on the side. That easy. I have used both systems. Yes, they are not sexy looking, but they hold your plates and are quick to get into use. Cheers! --1911ShooterPhil
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