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Originally Posted by paul0660 View Post
Yes, there was a rumor that Gravelly Valley, 1Q5, had been closed, not true.

Really hard on paint, that airport.
I dented the hell out of the port horizontal stabilizer on my 172, had to replace the skin. Luckily, I found one that fit at that place in Sacramento (Faeth A/C parts) and it was good as new. The main thing to do at that airport is to make sure your soft-field technique meshes with your short-field technique, and add an extra notch of flap on takeoff. Once on the ground, add enough power to keep you moving and shut down the engine as you make your turn around the X (mine is always a left). That way you keep moving with a minimum of gravel pickup by the prop. Also, plan on doing your runup at altitude (I did mine at 2000AGL over the field). I get it into partially slow flight, cut the power to 1700 RPM (slightly leaned for the altitude) and do the mag check. Never had a problem at 1Q5 but had mag problems elsewhere on occasion.

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