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Originally Posted by 1snakedoc View Post
i looking at the TAG Banshee.
i need one that hold side plates and the beez one is more than the banshee.
is it really that much better to spend for the beez?
I have a 40 chest and I found the Banshee to be too wide for me with medium esapi plates & backers. I couldn't get a decent stock weld at all. The loop material on the upper portion of the carrier is super slippery so my stocks would all slide right off of the plate. The buckles on the shoulder straps prevented me from placing the stock above the cutout in the plates and there wasn't enough of me on the sides of the plates to place a stock. IMO the wrap under front flap closure is a pain as well. The wide shoulder straps also made it so I had to fight the plate carrier to bring my arms together to shoot pistols.

I moved to a Mayflower APC and with the same plates I have much better mobility. No issues with stock placement and no fighting the carrier when I shoot pistols. The extra cost was money well spent. The soft armor package for the Mayflower is also slightly cheaper than the Banshee's ($335 vs $370).

When you spec out the whole package the APC isn't really much more expensive with the Banshee running ~$520 (PC, Shoulder Pads, Soft Armor Package), and the APC running ~$550 for the same setup (APC comes with shoulder pads default). The only pros of the Banshee over the APC IMO are the NIJ .06 rated soft armor (APC Velocity Systems is only rated .04 - this only really matters for the cummerbund armor and only if you get shot at a contact shot distance), and 1000D construction vs 500D for the APC (may not be a "pro" depending on use case).

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