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Originally Posted by TMC View Post
The scores you see include the penalties.
It was scored on total time rather than 100 points per stage and percentages of the fastest time.

My only comment is about the spinner on stage 2. It was our first stage and only 1 on the squad was able to spin it, just barely. The guys who couldn't do it were Chris S, Mike V, Rich W and myself (no strangers to 3-Gun). I shot with with 6 rounds of 00 Buck and it wouldn't go. At the end of the day I watched a guy shoot it with 3 rounds and it nearly spun with the first 2. Something changed there. 30 second penalty was stiff especially after you worked on it for 10.

I'll make sure this match is on my calendar for next year. Big thanks to Wayde and the staff!
Oh, I thought it was a USPSA match. Not that it really matters

Sounds like you had a blast... I'll try to get it on the schedule for next year
Who the hell is Francis?

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