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Originally Posted by TMC View Post
My only comment is about the spinner on stage 2. It was our first stage and only 1 on the squad was able to spin it, just barely. The guys who couldn't do it were Chris S, Mike V, Rich W and myself (no strangers to 3-Gun). I shot with with 6 rounds of 00 Buck and it wouldn't go. At the end of the day I watched a guy shoot it with 3 rounds and it nearly spun with the first 2. Something changed there. 30 second penalty was stiff especially after you worked on it for 10.
I shot the spinner for my second stage and it spun with 1 round of birdshot (3.5 dram, 1 1/8 oz. of 7.5) and 2 rounds of 00 buck. (that was, of course, after I stopped it on my first attempt)

But, I was not in to win anything on my first 3 Gun match.

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