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Originally Posted by curtisfong View Post
As opposed to doing what, tough guy?

You first. Go ahead.

Once you are prosecuted as a felon, they'll know. And once you "fight back" and defy the warrant out for your arrest (or violate your terms of parole), they won't have to do a damn thing to ruin your life except sit back and watch you live a life on the run.

In any case, you are missing the point. Why did the DOJ refuse the legal authority to widen the AW ban list?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't bother answering until you do.
WOW just WOW! How about not being so ignorant to think the government was going to stop there. The ONLY reason this was not fought is that the media portrayed this as taking guns from the black criminals. No one back then thought gun laws would go as far as they have come.

You fight, let your voice be heard, and you challenge your local politicians.

ARE you suggesting we should just take it in the keester and comply?
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