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Originally Posted by lilro View Post
Nope. Plan A. Let the corrupt politicians pass all the unconstitutional laws they want, and hope the courts rule in our favor.

Welcome to California.
The only problem with 'HOPE' is that many Judges and basically ALL DA's are ELECTED or APPOINTED, so there is the ongoing issue that ,being polishiitins, they all want to stay in power, further their own agendas and get pay-o-la one way or another for their actions... many DA's only give a crap about CONVICTIONS, not JUSTICE, if they convict the wrong guy or gal, OH WELL, appeal while getting AR and rotting in prison..... Many Judges are out and out rotten liberals and use the bench to make policy according their ideals...

EVEN IF we get a 'ruled in our favor' the state will appeal and one way or another, unless verified by a group of GUN OWNERS, the records,registrations,etc will NEVER BE ERASED or DESTROYED either in hard copy or in the 'puter......

I really hate every aspect of this state's government at every level......

We are all in S**t Sandwich and morass of assinine people in positions to make policy that have no biz being there... I would not trust these idiots to change the oil in my car or mow my lawn....
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