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Hi, are the engravers available now? I Have an Ar Pistol, and I'd love to get "pistol" engraved on the mag well of the pistol lower of the pistol I have in hand. Realistically, I'll never get to move out of state and pay the tax so this lower will always be a pistol, and it would make life easier for me if it had Pistol engraved on it.

Thanks for the info!

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Hello Everyone,

We have received a few emails and PM's just asking when the lowers are going to be ready, so we just wanted to provide a quick update.

As posted before in various posts by us, kaligaran and some members, the lowers are at the Anodizing.

We were told at the beginning of Feb. 4-5 weeks.
The Anodizing shop has received our shipment and put them into the que.

Based on the current estimate, we should be getting the lowers back around the Early March time-frame.

We are just waiting for the Anodizing to get done, so just be patient, and as soon as we receive word that the lowers are on the way back to us, we will post an update.

Please remember that an ETA is an Estimated Time of Arrival, and Estimates can sometimes be revised due to a number of situations, but for now we seem to be on track.

Once we receive the lowers back from Anodizing, we will need to inspect them, and then laser engrave the CGF logo onto each lower, and this is done one at a time.

The plan is to complete the laser engraving in batches of 25 so we do not have to wait for all of them to be done to start DROS's or shipping the lowers to the members FFL dealers.

The lowers will be processed starting with the oldest order first.

We will provide more details once we get the lower receivers back.

Thank you for your patience.

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Where is this ammo "Black market" he speaks of? Do they have .223 in stock?
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