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"The minivan was described as having a “For sale” sign with the partial phone
number of (213) XXX-0776 posted in the rear window."

It's highly possible if it was for sale, that it might have been listed on Craigslist or elsewhere online. I would immediately think to start doing searches online of Toyota Sienna vans for sale in the 213 areas, looking to match numbers or cars of that color, and try to determine a source.

It sounds like if the driver had not tried to hit and run, this likely would have been a minor low-speed tumble off the bike, able to get back up and ride off without an issue. This serious or fatal hit-and-run stuff seems to be increasing exponentially in the last 2 years.

Sorry to hear of his predicament, and I hope they nail the bastard soon. Will keep my eyes open.

Good luck.
Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
What compelling interest has any level of government in knowing what guns are owned by civilians? (Those owned by government should be inventoried and tracked, for exactly the same reasons computers and desks and chairs are tracked: responsible care of public property.)

If some level of government had that information, what would they do with it? How would having that info benefit public safety? How would it benefit law enforcement?
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