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Originally Posted by hkuspcomp View Post
Why can't they raise prices? Who's sneaking add-ons? Lastly, what IS your definition of gouging?

Just stop guy.

Sneaking add ons? I'd like to hear how bolting on a scope, adding it on the tag and the total price to the rifle is considered sneaking add ons. Bundling is normal. Every seen the Colt 6920 CMP-B? You know the one with the Magpul grips, handguards, and rear sight? Is that Colt gouging? Ever seen a DD M4V1? That rifle with a DD rail with the cutout for the front sight that adds several hundred dollars to the rifle gouging by DD? How about the LMT Pig Package, with its Leupold scope, 2 stage trigger and other features that they bundle into one rifle gouging?

What was the point of this thread again? Just stop.
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