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Originally Posted by dieselpower View Post
I hate to say this, but from what I have heard "Professionals" say, only the non-professional guy buys this type of gear.

A guy who gets paid to shoot a person in the head at 500 yards doesnt buy a $3000 scope from an "off-brand" manufacturer even when that manufacturer says they did everything right and have the best of the best on the inside.

Those Professional guys only buy and only use the gear that has been tested by non-bias departments and have been placed on a list of acceptable gear to issue/own.

I have never heard of "Premier" before...then again I am not a Professional sniper. The two guys I know who are, one uses a Nightforce, the other uses a Leupold.

So as a non-professional, I am NOT about to be a test-case @ $2,500. I will buy a Leupold, Nightforce, Trijicon.

Many people have this same philosophy at the $500 price range...I didnt. I used a C-More ATAC for the price of an Aimpoint T1. I knew from Professional Competition Shooters that this was a great optic and it was, yet most combat professional wouldnt buy it over an Aimpoint...due to the fact 90% of the other Combat Professionals didnt.
So you are basing this off of second hand knowledge that comes from two of your so called "professional" buddies?

Do a little research before you start making assumptions. They have been around for quite some time and in recent times they built day scopes for the USMC snipers. They are by no means an "off brand".

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