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Originally Posted by Zedrek View Post
Do you need a hug? I didn't learn a damn thing in my public high school history class but I do have a keen interest in the Vietnam "Conflict" and own over 100 books on the subject. I am well aware of their sacrifices. I was merely making a joke in reference to the commonly held sayings of today's society much as one would say in reference to Polish idiots and Irish alcoholics.
so you're making jokes about derogatory stereotypes.

if you made a joke about blacks eatin fried chicken and watermelon and jews about pinching pennies do you think you would have fared better?

cmon sir... you make a blanket statement joke, you're gonna get flamed.

"mexicans are lazy!"
"blacks are all criminals!"
"scots/jews are cheapskates!"
"irish/poles/russians are all drunks!"
"french are all cowards!"
"italians are all corrupt!"
"republicans are all jesus lovin' douchebags!"

see how this works?
"If the American Left wanted to decrease interest in shooting, they should have the government make it mandatory like they do here in Switzerland. Nothing makes you not want to do something like when the government makes you do it."
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