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Originally Posted by dfletcher View Post
Is removing just the ring sufficient? It seems to me it might remain a GL, just not one that can be aimed as intended - but it's still a functional GL. And there's the flash hider issue.

I modified the FH so a grenade can't be slipped over, lined the inside with a metal sleeve to obscure the holes on the device. I had the rear ranging flip up sight soldered in the down position so the gas system can't be used to launch a grenade, it's not visible. I think between eliminating the mounting of the grenade, eliminating the gas required to propel it and modifying the FH I'm fine. I think these changes, neither permanent nor visible, may keep the C & R status even though that's not my primary goal.

I think someone could make a few $$$ re-threading 30 caliber brakes for use on the MAS 49/56. Having a muzzle device that is clearly not a flash hider and prevents mounting of a grenade seems to me the best way to remove doubt as to legality in CA.
I enlarged the diameter of my FH so a rifle grenade could not slip over it but be aware that when I spoke with DOJ about the modification they said any muzzle device that reduces the flash in any measurable way , even 1%, is considered a flash hider. They invited me to be the court test case on this but I declined. I guess the only way to be completely sure is to shoot the rifle with the modified device and without and measure the amount of flash in each configuration.
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