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becareful as the magazines are touchy with this platform.. iv owned (sold) a colt m4 .22 bought form big 5 my cousin owns the SW mp22, and i now own mulitple ar 15s.

there are 3 different magazines associated with shooting .22 with all 3 of those rifles.

to shoot .22 form an ar 15 you need the bolt converter and the special magazine that fees and ar15 magwell with .22 feed lips

the colt .22 dedicated rifle will only shoot the .22 magazine made for that gun

and the SW mp22 will only shoot magazines made specificaly for that weapon.

none of them are interchangeable with the other so be careful

rule of thumb:
if you dont own the SW mp22 dont buy any mag that says smith and wesson
if you own the colt m4 .22, do not buy any magazine that says ar 15 in the description