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Originally Posted by Zedrek View Post
Here is a touchy little subject. Does anybody have any reservations about having a firearm readily available in the house during an argument? My ex told me (a little before she left me) that she checked to see if my latest gun purchase was unloaded one morning. All my guns except for the one in the hand gun safe are unloaded so I was a little surprised at her statement. She said that she was concerned because I took it into the living room while she was sleeping (I was just taking pictures of it). I had shown her how to handle firearms before but wasn't confident in her remembering, so I unloaded my 1911 in the safe and put in a snap cap in the chamber and cocked the hammer back and put the safety on. I then asked her to show me how she checks to see that it was unloaded and she couldn't figure out the safety. Anyway, long story short, she kept thinking that I was going to shoot her no matter how much I tried to convince her she wasn't worth the expense of a .45ACP round nor the prison sentence involved. I don't know where her paranoia came from. I never hit her or hurt anyone (with a few work related exceptions) in my life.
When it comes to relationships which are in the "beta test" phase, I'd keep the location of your firearms on the QT. Unless the relationships in a degree of permanence,anyone can leave "at will" ,and if you and her split on hostile terms -or it turns out she's a psychological liability- the consequences can be severe.

In reference to your example, if your GF splits -or feels you're spending too much time oogling guns instead of her-she can use that story to sell getting a temporary restraining order .Hello sheriffs,bye bye guns.
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