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Originally Posted by becxltoo984 View Post
My recent experience with G 19 and yes a high capacity magazine in it .
Just outside of Imperial sand dunes I get pulled over by CHP ..No lights on my small utility trailer hauling some motorcycles back to Sac .

Rather then dig through my fanny back I hand it to him with pistol and ccw/id in it .
Comes back hands me a fix it ticket and fanny back . Go's on to tell me if I'm going to carry that pistol to at least have a round in the chamber ....
Good advice, always keep a round in the chamber when carrying. If you keep it in a fanny pack and decide to leave it somewhere with kids, then you might unchamber the round. Preferably you keep the gun on your persons at all times, so you won't have to unchamber. Lastly, the only guys I know who still wear fanny packs are those with guns in them I'd recommend a holster for two reasons. Much faster to get too when you need it and not as obvious that you're carrying.