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I'll keep checking back on this thread, but it looks to me like hardly no one here has actually tried an e-sight on their shotgun much. I was a total skeptic too, until I actually used one a bunch. Mine have all worked great. Somebody else go buy one so I'm not the only killer with a totally weird shotgun.

Once again on the stock. YOU DON'T CHEEK THE GUN. Just throw it up, put the dot on the coyote's nose and it dies. I suppose you need to be a foot in front of a clay. It takes a while to get used to it. But it works. YOU DON'T CHEEK THE GUN. Alignment is automatic.

Two friends use the Fastfire. It costs less, cases and draws easier, blocks the view less, but doesn't have as big a view as the Eotech. We are definitely outshooting everyone else stuck in their old school coyote ruts, but that has more to do with woodcraft than shotgun sights.

Originally Posted by Moonshine View Post
Optics are common for Turkey hunting, heck I use a 4x25 scope with a diamond instead of a crosshair so I know when the turkey is in range, when a Tom's head is larger than te diamond I'm in range. Never seen a red dot used for trap and skeet; not sure why your want to limit your field of view you're not really aiming at a specific point, rather swinging the shotgun to spray out shot like a hose.
Turkeys a different kind of target, more like shooting a paper bullseye. They're not moving. T hunters use super tight chokes, small patterns, and sit on their butts. Clays and coyotes are fast moving, coming, going, and crossing and you stand up. Ducks and Geese are moving too, but wet conditions mean cleaning the e-sight all the time which doesn't work for me.
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