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Originally Posted by BigFatGuy View Post
If you've seen me shoot skeet with my 590 you know I don't look down the top of the barrel when shooting skeet, the stock just doesn't fit me well enough.

I'd like to put a red-dot on for use with slugs/buckshot. I dont' want to remove it every time i shoot skeet.

Assuming I'm not in a tournament, will they get pissy if I have a red-dot turned off on top of my shotgun?

I have no issue getting teased (used to that at the clinics already).
So you're in an immature hissy fit about a red-dot on the skeet field because you can't mount your weapon correctly?...Because the stock doesn't fit you?

Why not just fix the fit issue?

If you want to do it the hard way, you might find a red-dot or 2 that mount with a single screw, a nickel fits the screw. Maybe google eo-tech or something?

Speak with your clinic maybe about self-esteem.

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