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Originally Posted by valley82 View Post
That is what you should expect when buying a "new" component...pretty sure that the box the demiled, used parts kit came in when it left the Russian factory, if there was one, was trashed in the decade that the rifle was originaly built. Now as for the missing components, they should make good on them. I have had many great experiences buying parts kits from them.
Parts kits dont leave the country they originate from in kit form. They are imported whole and kept in bonded warehouses in the US. The ATF then inspects and oversees destruction of the rifles which are then packaged by the importer. The retailer then purchases these kits from importer. A DECENT RETAILER would then INSPECT the kits for COMPLETENESS and serviceability. Then provide the product to the customer. Yes.....its a used trashy parts kit that no one cares about.....except the customer. I hope you found that enlightening. While haters are giving their dads a sponge bath, 4th is up late building a type 3 mut gun for 250 bucks, hopefully those parts from whataKUNTry show up soon so I can finish it.

East German milled front stub

I headspaced a Russian barrel and then sneezed on it

for those haters who dont speak german, LEHR means "teaching" Ott1 and Valley are late for class.

Haters arent passing the bullet test unless their barrel swallows the neck of a dirty.

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